Industrial Services

 Maximise efficiency and keep your downtime to a minimum

Industrial Electrical Services

Our industrial services are aimed at the small manufacturer, warehousing and services companies, basically anyone who needs electrical services but is not large enough to employ an electrician. We can look after all your maintenance and any future upgrades and repairs so you can keep your downtime to a minimum.

Maintenance and Repairs
Electrical utility upgrades
Public Address Systems
Thermal Imaging

Our Clients

At Sutterby Electrical we service a wide range of clients.

  • Small to large service companies
  • Manufacturers

Industrial Solar Options 

Solar options can maximise your efficiency and lessen your downtime. 

Contact us to find out how we can help you today. 

Industrial electrical services we provide

All electrical utility repairs and upgrades


Lighting office, factory, warehouse, car-park & hardstand

Solar options

Public address systems

Breakdown repairs

Test and Tag

Equipment power relocations

Shutdown work

Thermal Imaging

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